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Asphalt 7 Heat 1.0 Full Apk for Android iOS + Data - Asphalt 7 : Heat 1.0 is another release in the Asphalt Racing Game Series by Gameloft. Asphalt 7 : Heat 1.0 is the first step by the developer for Xperia and Samsung Galaxy Play.Asphalt 7 : Heat 1.0 .APK features 60 cars from the car developers world wide.  Asphalt 7 : Heat 1.0 features speed and visually the most stunning graphics of the Asphalt game series. These cars also include Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin, DeLorean and more. You can race on 15 different tracks round the world. Asphalt 7 : Heat v1.0 .APK for Samsung Galaxy and Xperia Play enable you to play in multiplayer mode with upto 5 player from around the world.


  • Play with Speed Of Heat
  • 60 Different Cars
  • 15 different Tracks
  • 15 Leagues and 150 races
  • Cutting Edge Graphics

Screnshoot :

Asphalt 7 Heat 1.0 Full Apk

Homepage :
Password :
Type File : .RAR

Download Link

How To Install:

  1. Install apk
  2. Install data,extract file.amz with Glzip Here
  3. Copy all file to (sdcard/android/data/
  4. Verifiy via wifi
  5. Play.......and Subscribe to This Site and Join with Google Friend Connect....


  1. Anonymous05:51

    What Is Install Data? Plss Hurry! Urgent!

    1. Install Data is that extract with given link of Glzipand INstall that by pressing it

  2. Every time I want to play online, I get a "Connection lost" message. Other than that, the game is pretty awesome.

  3. What's up with the .apk in the description ?

  4. Pro Game for Pro like me, thanks for share.

  5. Please help me.I downloaded all files and I installed "Asphalt 7 v1.0.0.apk" What will i do now? Please show with screen captures because I am very new at these things :(

  6. Anonymous14:19

    Please help me.I downloaded all files and I installed "Asphalt 7 v1.0.0.apk" What will i do now? Please show with screen captures because I am very new at these things :(

  7. Anonymous07:31

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